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Enrichment Programs

Toma Programs are designed to encourage students to be comfortable with their originality and apply what they are learning within the classroom to make art.  Toma Teachers believes a student should never fear failure, rather appreciate it.  As adults, we have learned that failure is just a stepping stone towards greatness.  

The true benefit of a Toma Barre Education is confidence students gain.

How is Toma, Cultural Arts?

It is important we embrace discomfort by learning about a new culture.  This type of learning allows our community to recognize humanity.  Every school year we choose two cultural themes.  Students from each enrichment program will learn a new language and geography while creating their art of choice.  

2017 - 2018 Cultural Themes

American Sign Language (Fall Semester) & French (Spring Semester)

The concept of left-brain right-brain dominance never had a strong foundation in science in the first place, and now this theory has been totally debunked.

The most complicated functions humans perform, such as learning a language or playing or listening to music, require whole brain thinking.

Deane Albane, Author and Teacher

Music and Voice

Ages 3 and Up

Music is a memory technique for learning language. There is a strong bond between language and music. 


Walking Ages and Up

We teach popular disciplines such as hip hop, break dancing, jazz, modern, yoga/pilates exercises, and ballet. The real cool part are the cultural dances taught, associated with our yearly cultural theme.   

Culinary Arts

Ages 3 and Up

Whether your student is the next Top Chef or you want to make sure he/she can make more than raman noodles before leaving the nest, we teach etiquette, signature dishes, healthy choices, and much more.

Defensive Arts

Ages 3 and Up

Defense can be the best Offense. Our teachers empower students the necessary skills to overcome the most stressful situations. The repetition creates a muscle memory that makes a student prepared for life. 

Apparel Engineering

Ages 3 and Up

Enjoy drawing and want to take your skills above and beyond?  Toma Teachers work alongside students to use math and literacy skills to create art.  At the end of every year, we send their best work of art to partnering seamstress so they can actually wear their creation.

Theatre Readiness

Ages 3 and Up

Our scripts are specially designed to support your students current reading with the challenge of taking it up an entire grade level. You student will be ahead class and conquer any fears of public speaking. 100% Confidence! 

What our customers are saying

Have seen so many good things come out of my daughter. She looks forward to class every week. Developed great leadership skills and the teachers are always so positive!! And what you pay is a plus!

Parent from Renton, Washington

Length of Class time

How long is each class last?

Class times are set every week with the exception of Parade and Festival Season.  During this time, class times will be longer as your Toma Teachers will dedicate time towards prepping students for performance opportunities. 

3 Years Old and Younger

Minimum of 20 minutes

4 - 5 Years Old 

Minimum of 25 Minutes

6 - 7 Years and Older 

Min of 30+ minutes

8 Years and Older

Minimum of 1 Hour

Payment Options

Do you accept government grant programs as form of payment?

Toma is dedicated to serving all communities and partner with all types of subsidy programs.  Just give us a call so we can have all the information needed to make it work for ya!

Class Visitation

When I have a few days off from work, may I visit class?

Yes!  Please come and support our kids.  We love it when parents visit class.  No heads up is needed!

For new students ages 6 and under we ask parents consult with their Toma Teacher before arriving.  At this age, students may still be in the parental attachment phase.

Class Attire

What should my child wear to class?

All we ask if that you use your best judgement for class attire.  If possible, we prefer students wear a Black Toma Barre T-Shirt to class in name of spirit of uniformity.

Program Availability

Why does  my school only offer one or two programs?

There is not just one answer to this question.  It depends Toma Teacher availability School space and preference.   

If there is a program not available at your school, please see 

Private and Group Lessons!


Will my child become bilingual?

No, students do not become fluent in a foreign language in one year.  If fluency if you goal, please see Private and Group Lessons!

Cultural Appropriateness

How do you teach a culture that is not your own?

Toma takes great pride collaborating with community members who are fluent in the language and/or from the geographic location. 

Long Term Benefits

What is the value in investing in the arts if I want my child to be a doctor, engineer or president?

Science based occupations are wonderful and greatly appreciated but this is no reason to discredit creative fields.  Creativity is the starting place for narrowing biological aspects (medical), soldering procedure (engineer) or ratifying a bill (president).

Toma programs are more than just a hobby, it is an occupational tool for the future.  What would your world look like if you could speak multiple languages and converse with anyone about anything?