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What type of Enthusiast are you?

Toma Private & Group Lessons are available for everyone but one must make sure he/she chooses the right package!  

Which line below resonates with you the most?

"This is just a hobby of mine ..."

once a month or every other month

A hobby is an opportunity for personal growth.  Perhaps, once upon a time you studied a particular art or you have an entire room dedicated to your collection of guitars.  Let's take a break from reality and dive into your art of choice because you never know when your hobby evolves into a desire to be so much more!

"I just need to get back into the swing of things for a special occasion"

once a month leading to the big date

You may need a chef assisting with your ambitious 3 course dinner to impress your in laws before they arrive or maybe you want to learn how to play a song on the guitar to impress your mate on Valentines Day.  Whatever the reason or season for celebrating, we've got ya covered! 

"He says he loves it, but he also said that about soccer, violin, and krav maga last year!"

every other week

We have heard it all!  In the past two years, you have dived deep into your pockets to enrich your child with new extracurricular activities.  Only for your child to say, "I don't wanna anymore."  Trust us, we have kids too!  Take back your Saturday mornings and allow one of our teachers to come to you!

"This is my love and I plan on going the distance!"

once a week, every week

You're thinking Julliard, Princeton, Boston College Conservatory or maybe performing on The Voice.  Toma is ready to help you get there.  Toma Teachers are prepared to enrich Toma students with education, experience, wisdom, and clout!  

Music & Voice private/group lessons are only available in Louisiana and Washington.  

01/2018, all 6 Cultural Art Programs will have private/group lessons available in all Toma States.

Please be patient with us during this time of transition.


There is a common misconception that students who perform poorly require private lessons.  This could not be further from the truth.   Correct, one who needs extra help should have private/group lessons.  On the contrary, at least 80% of students who take private/group lessons are pretty darn good.  It is just a matter of wanting to refine ones skill set.  These skills may include performance quality, technique, or conquering stage freight.  

Toma Barre education provides a safe environment for learning opportunities.  True benefit of private/group lessons is being able to get it wrong without judgement or embarrassment.  Our teachers live by one golden rule, "Do not fear the mistakes you will make, look forward to the greatness that will become of them."


Every one learns at a different pace. One-on-One Private instruction is irreplaceable in terms of value. No peer pressure and a safe place to make mistake and learn from them.


A pair lesson is 2 people.  Do you have a friend who enjoys your art just as much as you do? Invite your friend over and jam out! This way you can learn from one another in a safe and professional setting.

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A group is with 3 or more persons and max of 5.   We allot 1  Toma Teacher to 5 students.  If you have more than 5 people in your party please email or call us so we tailor your session just for you.

Special Projects and Occasions 

If you have a special project or occasion around the corner please send us an email so we may provide consultation.  We love working with engaged couples, family reunions, diner parties and any reason to celebrate!

Location Location Location

We understand the hustle and bustle called life.  Our Toma Teachers may arrive at your place of business or home.  Please ensure there is a safe and quiet space available for the teacher and student(s).