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Every School is Different

Toma Barre Education is here to make our programs available, affordable, and flexible.  Toma has created a relationship with schools to meet the needs of the community they serve.  Please choose which parent you connect with below and follow next steps for enrollment.

"But Our School said they take the payment and enrollment forms!!"

40% of our Schools

Do not Panic.  (1-2-3 Breathe)  

Your child's School has agreed to take care of paperwork handling and fees in house.

(Do not enroll online.  You are covered and no next step is needed)

"...but I thought our school said it was free?"

45% of our Schools

Do not Panic. (1-2-3 Breathe)

Next Time you see your school administrators, express a special Thank You. Your school organized their budget to ensure all children may participate in Toma programs.  Hats Off to Your School!  

(Do not enroll online.  You are covered and no next step is needed.)

"I was told to enroll online..."

15% of our Schools

You have come to the right place!

We have super affordable rates just for your family.  Plus, super flexible installment options. 

Do not hesitate to speak with our online Toma Advisor, Eric, if you have experience technical difficulties. Eric is available 9am - 4pm CST Monday - Friday.  In addition, a Toma Representative is available 9am - 6pm CST by phone or email.

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Do you offer multiple sibling discounts?

We no longer provide multiple discounts since we have decreased monthly rates to $17.00 and provide Family (household) rates for Club Membership.

If you qualify for lower income subsidiaries or a foster family Toma Barre Education partners with local/government programs to make the impossible, possible.

Contract Terms

How long is the each program?

Each program is 1 School Year long but Toma only contracts by the Fall and Spring Semester.  Open Enrollment is always 30 days before the new semester starts.

Emergency Payment

Will my child be removed from class if my payment does not clear?

No & possibly Yes.  Parents have 15 days to recover payment.  It is best to communicate.  Toma will always go the distance to keep a child in class!  If we are having a difficult time communicating, this is our firm process below.

Day 1 - 5

phone, text, and email 

Day 6 - 10

letter mailed

Day 11

student is removed from roster

Trial Basis

I'm not sure if we want to commit, is there a trial class available?

Toma does not provide a free class. The best time to enroll is during the Fall Semester.  Toma contracts by the semester.  Fall is only 3 months long compared to Spring Semester (6 months).